‘our april skies’ created whilst the country was in lockdown 2020.  I challenged myself to paint the sky daily, using what was to hand as I had no access to my studio.  I further developed these into a series of 30 small acrylic & resin paintings,  highlighting one word from my diary and documenting the date and time on the side. The complete series made its debut in October 2020, here is a selection.    Click here for my artist talk about this work.

In the spirit that the sky belongs to all of us I am selling these individually, please get in touch to purchase.  Each painting is on a wooden panel, 15cm square, 2cm deep.

13:4:20 cycle
SOLD 12:4:20 beautiful
16:4:20 order
22:4:20 wispy
SOLD 18:4:20 distanced
25:4:20 hills
17:4:20 visit
20:4:20 furlough
SOLD 28:4:20 lost
SOLD 9:4:20 flying
SOLD 8:4:20 looking
5:4:20 woods
27:4:20 brooding
SOLD 2:4:20 space
6:4:20 inner calm
SOLD 14:4:20 virtual