‘misSpelt art – erasure’

These altered prints were created over a 9 year period. Firstly collecting favourite words from hundreds of people. I then created templates for words beginning with the letter ‘C’ and letter ‘S’ which were the basis for acrylic screen prints. It was only then I spotted my major spellings mistakes so stuck them in a drawer.  Several years later I discovered Erasure poetry and decided to revisit them. I started a further collaboration with artists, writers & poets using the original template of words.  These collaborations were the inspiration for painting on the original prints, each individual artworks is on somerset paper, 38cmx38cm.  There is also an ongoing artist book with many more erasure poems using the same 2 templates. Shown in solo exhibitions ‘a.be.ce.dar.i.an’ 2017 at LSA  & ‘ms’spel’ StAnza 2018.

misSspelt art - erasure with Jennifer-Kelly
misSspelt art -erasure with Mike-Nicholson-4
misSspelt art - erasure with Tom-Houstin-1
misSspelt art- erasure CS4
misSspelt art- erasure David Millar 2
misSspelt art - erasure with Mike-Nicholson-2
misSspelt art -erasure AB
misSspelt art -erasure with Mike-Nicholson-3
misSspelt art -erasure with Martine Pugh 1
misSspelt art -erasure with David Millar 1
misSspelt art -erasure with Mike-Nicholson-1
misSspelt art erasure- Scottish Cuisine with Pete Brown
misSspelt art -erasure with Jennifer Kelly 2
misSspelt art -erasure with CS1
the original 'C' template used for the erasure poetry
misSspelt art -erasure CS2
missspelt art erasure CS5
misSspelt art -erasure with Mike Nicholson 5
misSspelt art -erasure CS3
original 'S' template used for the erasure poetry