‘tools of forestation’

Following a Croft Residency in 2019, a series of dramatic tonal oil paintings, circular poems and ink drawings were created.  The forest at the croft is gradually being blown down by the westerly winds. I involved myself in chopping and sawing up the fallen trees for firewood to burn both indoors and out. This immersion within the forest has resulted in painting aspects of both the natural forms of the forest and the man made tools used within it.  A series of oil painting were exhibited at the SSA ‘Time Spent with Trees’ at the Meffan Gallery.  

'catalyst'     oil on wood      15 x15cm


‘chop’ - oil on wood 42x30cm


‘cradle’ - oil on wood 30cmx30cm


'cocoon'    20x20cm     oil on wood


‘cracker' - oil on card


‘coexist'- oil on wood 30cmx42cm


‘confident' - oil on wood 30cmx30cm


‘cumulate' - oil on wood 42cmx30cm


‘crackle' oil on wood 30cm x 23cm


‘conveyance' - oil on wood 30cm x30cm


‘cleave' - oil on wood  30cmx23cm


‘combust' - oil on wood 15cmx15cm